We are Back To The Streets aka BTTS, a young street/skatewear brand from Bavaria. Our hombases are Schweinfurt and Munich, but since we have homies everywhere, that's relatively unimportant - BTTS Worldwide Squad.

EST. 2014

We founded Back To The Streets as kids, when we were 15 and filmed our first full-length video in Schweinfurt, called it Back To The Streets and connected the entire local skate scene. Since then we've still been on the road together, scattered all over the world, but still a crew from which we founded the brand "Back to the Streets".


What are we doing exactly? Well, at the end of the day, we get out there, have a good time, and do what we love. We only do the pieces that we feel like doing, sponsor contests, host contests, video premieres and parties and thereby give something back to the scene. Furthermore, we give part of the proceeds to social projects in the skateboard area to support them in their missions.


Since we definitely don't want to be just another fast fashion streetwear brand, all of our pieces are produced according to the highest quality standards, fairly and from sustainable materials. Ah yes and vegan are the things too.

Convince yourself, check out our pieces and become part of the crew!

From the Streets, for the Streets