In early 2022, Patrick Ganswindt, Phillip Gerisch and I escaped the German cold for a week and found refuge in Lisbon!

After initial difficulties, because Phillip unfortunately forgot his wallet on the plane, we arrived relatively relaxed and got it
End the evening with one to five Superbock.
The next morning we noticed that Lisbon is not in the hype for nothing. The spot density is really outstanding and the skate scene really shouldn't be underestimated.

Gerisch also bagged the ender for our Lisbon tour clip on the first day. You can find the clip under the article!
Since the first day was quite productive for everyone, the evening was watered down accordingly thanks to happy hour beer for 1 euro.
In terms of price level, Lisbon is definitely cheaper than Germany. Even Uber or Free Now trips from spot to spot are worthwhile for two or three people, as they are usually cheaper than single trips by train, which is priced at €1.80, which is also completely ok.
The next two days actually went like the first. Trick after trick was bagged. In addition, our crew got a bit bigger because there were a few homies from Germany at the start.
Unfortunately Patrick got sick on the fourth day and couldn't really leave the apartment until the end of the tour. Gerisch and I continued filming and partying diligently for the last 2 days - which resulted in the following clip:
It was definitely a nice change from rainy and cold Germany and worth a trip again. If you would like to have an exact list of the spots, please have a look at the Shinner App, there you will find a detailed list and photos of the spots. That's how we orientated ourselves on site!
Obrigado for the good times guys ❤
Greets Luca
January 11, 2023 — Luca Reisert